Take Your Mulemanship To The Next Level!

Enjoy weekly videos and content dedicated to helping you and your mule or horse develop the partnership you have always dreamed of! Ty Evans Master Class Basic allows you to follow along as you please. Ty Evans Master Class Plus gives you access to one on one coaching and mentoring from Ty and will really take you and your equine to that next level of communication!

This course is closed for enrollment.

About TS Mules

Ty Evans, along with his wife Skye and daughters Ellie and Swayzee spend 9-10 months each year traveling all over the United States, Canada, and Australia teaching Mulemanship clinics. These clinics are geared toward helping riders and their mules get along a little better. Ty enjoys helping individuals establish a partnership with the mule and develop a clear communication line between one another. The style of Mulemanship Ty teaches not only works great for mules, but is also very much applicable to horses and donkeys as well. Our motto is, "Helping people with mule problems, and mules with people problems." At our clinics, the main goal is to bring out the best in the mule. And we have discovered that by bringing out the best in the mule, it also brings out the best in the people.